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We work very hard for our customers because nothing pleases us more than helping our clients achieve the dream of affordable home ownership. We want to add you to our list of very satisfied customers.

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I am a local REALTOR® est.2004. I had the pleasure of working with Chris on a recent transaction where my clients were residential buyers. Being an established REALTOR@ I always have great concerns when my clients have already selected their lender before I have the opportunity to discuss the transaction with them and explain the importance of the individuals we use through the process. I always allow my clients to make their decisions with whom they prefer to use. I have found that if they use someone that is not on my preferred list I always work harder to make sure the other person is doing their job and staying withering the requirements of the contract we are bound to. I was very happy with the service my clients received from Chris. I was also relieved as to how early in the process we received our loan approval. Chris was very professional and easy to work with. I look forward to working together with him again. It would be to your advantage to contact Chris for your future lending needs, even if you have already contacted another lender it would be worth a second opinion. Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial decisions you may make in a life time. You need to make sure everyone has your best interest at the top of their priority.

Bob Roskowske

St. Louis, MO

I’ve known Chris for several years now. He helped my parents with their house loan process, and now he helped my husband and I with ours! He is so thorough from start to finish and was awesome with answering all of our questions! He was always helping us find the best rates which assured us even more that we were in great hands! He is such an outgoing person and has made our experience so wonderful! 10/10 recommend!

Yaritzia Hernandez

Pacific, MO

I grew up in St. Louis but have been living with my husband in his hometown of Paducah, KY for the past 7.5 years. Recently we decided to purchase a second home, this one in Villa Ridge, MO in anticipation of moving into it permanently when my husband retires from his job in KY in 4 years.
Chris Sander came highly recommended by my daughter who has had business dealings with him twice in the past. We surmised a second home purchase would be a daunting task but quickly realized we were in great hands with Chris! We found him to be capable, professional and extremely knowledgeable in navigating the financial aspects of purchasing a home. He responds quickly to questions and seems genuinely interested in making the process move along cohesively.
I would recommend his expertise and services without reservation! Thank you Chris!

Cynthia Smith

Paducah, KY

Chris is the bomb! I have dealt with him on several loans and he never fails to deliver. I would never use anyone else

E. Burke

Augusta, MO

I have worked with Chris Sander for almost 12 years. Chris has outstanding knowledge, experience and communication skills. He has never let his clients or me down. He works efficiently and tirelessly to serve his clients. I highly recommend working with Chris.

Scott P.

Wildwood, MO

Fastest closer is right! We called Chris on a Monday to see about getting a loan. He was very professional and said that he could get it done quickly for us. I told him that if he could get it done quick, we would like to see if we could move our closing up, since we weren't scheduled to close for 45 days. Chris called me the following Monday saying that we were cleared to close. 7 days! Unfortunately, we couldn't move our closing but he stayed in touch and was even at the closing getting our signatures. Highly recommend.

K. Brinkley

St. Louis, MO

OMG! We are so glad that our friends told us about Chris. We were purchasing a new home and chose to go with another lender. The loan officer told us everything we wanted to hear so we thought we were safe. 10 days before closing, he calls us and says that we need more money down because we don't ratio. Panicked, I called Chris to see if there was anything he could do. He checked into everything and instantly knew the issue that the other company said was the problem, and knew exactly how to fix it. We transferred the loan to him and he got it done in 7 days and we didn't have to bring any extra cash to closing. Amazing!!!!!!!

S. Spears

Chesterfield, MO

I just love Chris! He is so professional and he always does a great job!

J. Enright

Wildwood, MO

Talk about over and above! My husband works for Chris' brother in California and we were buying our first home. The lender out here was constantly changing the loan on us and telling us we had to put more money down, even though we have great credit. I called Chris and he reviewed our loan documents for us and instantly saw that the loan officer was charging all kinds of fees and he was trying to place us in the wrong loan. He called the other lender directly and took control of the situation for us. In the end, we got the right loan and he saved us about 5K in costs.

Shelby Rogers

Cameron Park, CA

Chris is great to work with, good follow through and made a difficult process as painless as possible.

J. Huntley

Wildwood, MO



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